My inspiration.

The card I created.



I want to add tabs to my blog.  Any coders out there with an easy solution?


Time for a new look

It's a rainy day here in the land of Pears.  My plans for today, my one day off this week, were to mow or paint (after getting a little work done).  So, instead of mowing I decided to update the long-neglected blog.  Thanks, rain. I guess now that the blog has a new look, I should start taping so I can paint.  I have a lot of projects started that really need to be finished.  Our house is in total chaos.  It seems like starting/finishing one room is contingent on another room.  The music room is becoming the music room/library (new paint and all).  The office is becoming my craft room (new paint color undecided) and the guest room is getting a long overdue cosmetic makeover.  I'm still waiting to redo the kitchen...I did install cabinet door knobs and drawer pulls but the goal is to install new countertops (silestone) and backsplash (glass tile).  Then, the carpet downstairs is going.  Ahhh, wood floors.  A girl can dream...



I just had to take a picture since I'm pretty sure I won't be able to get this much curl in my hair on my own!  I got about 3 inches cut off yesterday.  My hair grows sooo slow.  I have lots of pictures to post of cards I've been working on but you'll have to wait until their intended recipients receive them.  I'm also making birth announcements for a dear friend this weekend.  Lots of pictures to come.